Doug Copp. Still Alive. 911 Illness Summation for Clinic

Sept 26, 2013. A medical Report Summation for the Integrated Chronic Care Service (ICCS), to start treatment. This is a Canadian Facility. I fled to Canada, after 911 to get medical treatment because it was denied, to ALL 911 toxic illness victims in the USA.

**update**After hundreds of hours of work to complete the WTC / Zadroga Bill application process. I have concluded: 1) That I will get no treatment for my 911 toxic illness.2)I will receive no money or compensation (like everyone else) until they start to disburse compensation 3 years, from now.

It is difficult, for me, to write this because I am very sick. My immune system has collapsed and I am extremely ill, exhausted and am in a great deal of pain. I feel terrible.

I look upon My Health prior to 911; as a paradise; like being, in Heaven. I was athletic, bursting with energy, was never sick and felt wonderful. I wish I had appreciated it more. My worst ‘health day’, before 911, was far better than my ‘best health’ day, after 911.

Since, Sept 12 th, 2001, I have been sick every minute, of everyday.

Some medical problems have persisted for these 12 years; some diminished or faded away, after a few years and some come and go. The best description is like being on an ‘out of control’ roller coaster ride thru HELL.

At my worst, I had 47 simultaneous medical problems. My medical history is documented, in the following links:

2,500 medical reports, documentation:

150 + lab tests:

My 220 page medical history questionnaire for WTC Health Center:

It has been an ordeal. This is only a partial list. A full list would require a book. My major medical problems have included:

1) I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t remember something long enough to say it.

2) I have lost years of memories and information/abilities.

3) My IQ dropped from 164 to 70. It is back to 130 with memory loss and malfunction.

4) I had cluster headaches/explosions that would make me lose consciousness and without a second of relief, for many months. The pain was beyond imagination.

5) I had 5 respiratory system problems. I couldn’t turn in a chair without being out of breath. It would take me ½ hour to eat a sandwich. Mainly because my bronchial passages had swollen shut. I would get ‘out of breath’ speaking more than 3 words.

6) I had 5 digestive system problems . For 2 years ‘lettuce’ was too acidic for me. I could only eat spinach and nothing else. Now, acid reflux disease.

7) I still have toxic glaucoma; however, I had many eye problems. My eyes didn’t water. I put eye ointment in them for years. Sometimes I couldn’t see in color. Sometimes everything was seen in ‘black and white’. Blurred vision and sometimes no vision.

8) Cerebral edema. My brain swells often from exposures and I have a headache and earache. Other brain problems. I had black-outs, white outs and would pass out unconscious. I have terrible headaches, for many months, at a time.

9) My skin. My skin would ooze 911 toxins out of my body, for years. Every week there would be a repeated scenario. Bubbles would appear, by the thousands, under my skin. They would come to the surface and break. My skin would become brittle and paper thin. The skin would tear away revealing bloody meat. My hands would be bloody wounds and then new skin would form. This new skin would immediately find blisters underneath etc..etc..etc..repeat.

10) Pain. Pain of great intensity that made me pass out unconscious and pain from my entire body hurting. My joints usually hurt. Frequently, my whole body hurts and it is painful to move.

11) Attacks. I stopped counting at 300. That was many years ago. It may be over 1,000 attacks, now. They are changing. Today, at this moment I am recovering from an immune system collapse that was caused by an exposure to a cigarette and perfume, from a woman, at New Waterford Hospital Lab.

My attacks are described from a previous document::
So far this year, I have had 3 extremely serious attacks that made me bedridden. I have spent  8 weeks bedridden during the last 3 months.

 1) Cerebral Edema Attacks. My brain swells and I pass out unconscious and can go into respiratory and cardiac arrest without emergency medical intervention. The 911 type toxins found in perfumes, colognes, cleaning products cause this.
2) Toxic Glaucoma. I have been treated for toxic glaucoma; since, shortly after 911. This is part of the many brain/vision problems that the 911 poisons caused me. Blackouts, white outs, gray-outs, suddenly passing out unconscious, and loss of vision, only seeing in ‘black and white’-without color, my eyes not watering for 5 years and many other problems with my eyes, vision (or lack of) are connected with this.
3) Respiratory Attacks/coughing convulsions followed by a long chain reaction of various infections/illnesses throughout my entire body for up to 6 weeks, at a time are caused by my re exposure to 911 cadmium contained in cigarette smoke and/or diesel exhaust. It has also resulted in complete respiratory failure where, on several occasions Doctors saved my life, by injecting me, at the last minute; before I would have died.
4) My Blood Thickening as an Allergic Reaction. Cadmium, Benzene and other 911 toxins from Diesel Exhaust and pollution have caused my body to create ‘cretons (sp?)’, in my blood. My chest felt like it was going to explode.  Dr Tim Smith told me that I would be dead in 20 minutes if I didn’t get away fast enough. He told me that my heart was having an increasing difficulty of ‘pushing my blood’ through my lungs and that my heart would ‘burst’ ; within, 20 minutes.
5) My Immune System Collapses. Exposure to 911 toxins cause a long list of chain reactions; throughout my body. Anti-biotics are losing their effect in helping me fight this tidal wave.
6) Passing out Unconscious with Internal Bleeding.  I took medication to reduce the respiratory convulsions; caused, by 911 cadmium toxins.  An unforeseen new monster appeared, last month. A cadmium cigarette caused a different chain reaction scenario: It was like a monster tidal wave sweeping me away. I, very quickly, passed out and slept, in bed for 5 days. During this time I woke up 5 minutes per day to take my medications and go back to sleep. I couldn’t stay conscious. I had 1 cup of yogurt, to eat, for the whole 5 days. My stool turned black with mucus. A Dr. told me that this was evidence of  internal bleeding; caused by, the physical stress of the attack and my immune systems response to it. I was very sick for 2 weeks.

Again, I have the routine 911 respiratory problems, acid reflux disease and such; but the above Medical Conditions make my acid reflux disease (I had 5 different digestive system problems, at one time) of secondary or third level medical importance.

This was my 911 experience:
“After crawling and ‘twisting and turning’, for 1 1/2 hours. I reached the very bottom, of the millions of tons, of 911 rubble. It was the 6th subterranean floor, the World Trade Center Subway Platform, for New Jersey. The area was flooded, with hundreds of thousands of gallons of effluent, coolant, sewage and water ‘raining down’, in torrents. This was in sharp contrast to the 3rd and 4th subterranean floors; that were covered with soot and the fire was still smoldering. Everything was in the air or converted to soot. People, furniture, computers, glass, plastic, carpet….it was all ‘gone’. Everything and everyone had been changed, into a greasy, slimy, black, sooty paste. I was covered in it. My eyes and mouth were still white. Nothing else.
( You can  ‘see for yourself’, the toxic soup I was ‘drowned in’,  by watching the subterranean search videos, at )
The darkest, most sinister, most consequential place on earth.
At the end, of this long search ordeal, to the very bottom, of the pile, I took a minute to get my breath and I thought: “This is an historical, turning point for humanity. I hope and pray that people will use this ‘catastrophe’, as a ‘wake-up call’; to be used as a catalyst, for ‘making a better world’.” I have dedicated my life, as an unpaid volunteer, saving many thousands of lives, at more than 100 major disasters, around the world. Now, I need your help.
Two weeks ago, the individual muscles in my hands have started ‘spasms’ or involuntary contractions.. My hands become grotesquely distorted and I must pull my fingers apart to regain use of my hands. I don’t know if this is ‘yet another’ example of a long, long list of medical symptoms that I have had, over the years; due to the poison, in my body and/or another symptom of ‘brain damage’ or whatever.

As the most experienced and knowledgeable rescuer and disaster mitigation/management expert, in the world, I saved 200,000 plus lives at major disasters throughout the world. My strength of character, soul and abilities have kept me alive; to do more good, with my life. This has been a heavy load.

Death, is far from, the worst thing; that can happen, to you.

Doug Copp

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The Zadroga Bill is NOT for everyone, Corporate Profits Come First.

Appended Sept 11, 2013. The Anniversary of 911 has a ‘gut wrenching’ presence, in my home. It is the day before, Sept 12, 2001. The Day that I became poisoned under the 911 rubble.

The truth is: Victims of the greatest ‘chemical attack’ in History; the greatest toxic exposure, in History get NO MEDICAL TREATMENT for toxic illness. NONE.

Nobody, (including myself, my wife and my many Doctors) would have thought that I would be still alive on Sept 11th 2013. I never would have dreamed that politics, financial interests and other bullshit would result in my still, after 12 years, fighting to get medical treatment. After 12 years and 300’attacks’ due to allergic reactions, to the extreme concentrations of poisons/toxins, from under the rubble….I still have not received treatment.

The American Medical System is about money and maximizing profit anyone who thinks ‘it’ is about helping sick people is ‘naive’ and/or misinformed or a fool.

Every day I am sick. Every day I fight with the bureaucrats to get medical treatment; prescribed to me, 12 years ago. I have never received this required medical treatment because I don’t have the money and the Zadroga Act and VCF 2001 refuse to pay for it.

This is the harsh reality/result of the generosity and benevolence extended upon the survivors of 911 who were poisoned at 911. “Hurry-up and die…you are too much of a pain in the ass” is the truth confronting the survivors of 911 toxic poisoning.

I have suffered greatly from lack of medical care; however, my heart goes out to the police woman whose baby was born deformed and sick due to mercury poisoning and the many who suffered, from lack of care and treatment …until they died, from their injuries.

It would be a lot easier, for me, if the plain, blunt truth was presented: “Money comes first. We will not acknowledge treat or provide care for any person who became ill from 911 toxic poisoning; because , it will set a legal precedent for manufacturers of toxins to become liable and/or other parties who will be financially negatively impacted”.

Instead the public is presented with a lie; so great, that it would be in the league of the work of Stalin or Joseph Goebbels. The lie that survivors of 911 are cared about.

The truth is: Victims of the greatest ‘chemical attack’ in History; the greatest toxic exposure, in History get NO MEDICAL TREATMENT for toxic illness. NONE.
Plain and simple.

I make the simple case that this is morally wrong.

911 before

911 during 9111 after

This was my 911 experience:

“After crawling and ‘twisting and turning’, for 1 1/2 hours. I reached the very bottom, of the millions of tons, of 911 rubble. It was the 6th subterranean floor, the World Trade Center Subway Platform, for New Jersey. The area was flooded, with hundreds of thousands of gallons of effluent, coolant, sewage and water ‘raining down’, in torrents. This was in sharp contrast to the 3rd and 4th subterranean floors; that were covered with soot and the fire was still smoldering. Everything was in the air or converted to soot. People, furniture, computers, glass, plastic, carpet….it was all ‘gone’. Everything and everyone had been changed, into a greasy, slimy, black, sooty paste. I was covered in it. My eyes and mouth were still white. Nothing else.

( You can participate, in this search and/or ‘see for yourself’,  by watching the subterranean search videos, below.)

The darkest, most sinister, most consequential place on earth.

At the end, of this long search ordeal, to the very bottom, of the pile, I took a minute to get my breath and I thought: “This is an historical, turning point for humanity. I hope and pray that people will use this ‘catastrophe’, as a ‘wake-up call’; to be used as a catalyst, for ‘making a better world’.”

The Zadroga Bill was passed by Congress, to finally allow 911 first responders and victims, to get medical coverage and compensation. It was publicized this way, promoted this way and yet the truth is far different.

Corporate American greed intervened. Everyone who was poisoned from the most toxic exposure, in the History of the world, was excluded. Corporate America saw a ‘slippery slope’ (think tobacco companies). They wanted no compensation for people poisoned by 911 toxins because they did not want a precedent set for compensating people for ; lead, arsenic, antimony, mercury, cadmium, barium, bismuth, benzene, uranium, thallium etc etc etc. (All of these toxins were found in my blood and body at levels up to 5,000 times normal maximum.

Can you imagine that the City of New York passed legislation for schools and public buildings that anyone with 12 ppm of lead, in their body, was legally declared to be ‘lead’ poisoned and would get compensation. The laboratories found 1,947 ppm of lead in my body (enough for 162 people to qualify for compensation , in any other NYC building other than the World Trade Center).

I am to get NO compensation and/or medical treatment. My 2,500 pages of medical documentation from 52 Doctors and specialists who have treated me and my 150 laboratory tests are all declared to be irrelevant. My illness’s caused by 911 poisons; such as toxic glaucoma, cerbral edema, skin disease, brain disease, cognitive disorders, central nerve system damage etc etc etc are NOT covered. At my worst, I had 47 simultaneous medical problems; at my best, 18 medical problems. I will be posting, at this Blog,  the 2,500 pages of medical documentation; including Dr Timothy Smith’s 30 page summation of my medical problems. Protection of Corporate profit is relevant. Life is NOT.

I am fortunate. I am still alive; but most of the other ‘911 poisoned victims’ have died without treatment and/or compensation. Most died a horrible suffering death, going bankrupt and leaving their loved ones penniless.

The good news, for some, is that the manufacturer’s of these toxins will not have a precedent of  people being compensated. Profits will stay maximized without worry of lawsuits from other people who they have poisoned and killed.

!! Added July 31, 2013. The original and false text and picture concerning John Sferazo remain on this Blog, at this time:

I had written:

The first video features John Sferazo, a volunteer Iron worker who died trying to get compensation and/or treatment. The ‘Poisoners’ probably drank champagne after hearing of his death. He tells a story just like mine…only God has left me sick but still far..

!! Added July 31, 2013. Continued.

I am extremely pleased to know that John Sferazo is alive; for his sake and for the fact that my wife and I have regained our hope that I can continue to survive, too, like John. I am filled with questions, as to why I was told that John was dead..!!

John Sferazo 911 hero died from poisoning induced cancer (not covered by Zadroga Bill).

John Sferazo
911 hero died from poisoning induced cancer (not covered by Zadroga Bill).

John Sferazo is NOT dead. He is still alive.

Toxic Clouds of 9/11 – YouTube

Excerpts from the Documentary ‘Toxic Clouds of 911’:

Everything has changed, for me, it is not a battle to save my life. It is a battle, to save the lives of others, with the same MCS medical problems, as me.

Below, are some of the other victims who have been left out of treatment, for MCS.:

doug copp

Bonnie Giebfried

I can’t do normal, everyday things. I really have to police myself to make sure that I’m not going to be exposed to, “Oh, my God, gas fumes.” The propane for the barbeque, household cleaners, Oh, my God, you just might just as well pack me up at that point and just send me to the hospital.


John Sferazo

Since 9/11, the smell of gasoline and diesel fuel is such that I don’t get out and even fuel my own vehicles. I don’t even want it on my hands because of the odor. Being around the job sites and being around the smell of the diesel and gasoline, I am so symptomatic to that involvement that I was constantly getting problems with my throat, I would wind up going hoarse, and I would lose my voice, sometimes the next thing you know from a sore throat, I’d have a chest infection, I’d get lung infections, then I’d get pneumonia, and this never ever happened to me before in my life. Now the smell of smoke actually ensickens me, sometimes giving me a headache. I know I can’t use any type of cologne or aftershave. I can’t take that smell, it’s sort of like a burning inside my nostrils. I’m very acute, or I have an acute response.


Alison Johnson

Subtitle: Alison Johnson
Author, Producer/Director

I’m Alison Johnson, and I would like to tell you why I decided to make this documentary about the health effects resulting from the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. There will be many other documentaries about 9/11, but this one will undoubtedly be unique in its emphasis upon the development of chemical sensitivity in large numbers of people who were exposed to the toxic clouds of 9/11. What led me to this point? Over a decade of research into the condition known as multiple chemical sensitivity, or MCS.

Graphic appears with words:

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


In my book and video on Gulf War syndrome, I documented the existence of chemical sensitivity in a large percentage of the 200,000 veterans of the first Gulf War who are now chronically ill. These soldiers had prolonged exposure not only to the oil well fires that burned for months in Kuwait, but also to sarin and other nerve agents that our forces blew up during the war.


Bill Meggs

Subtitle: William Meggs, M.D., Ph.D.
Brody School of Medicine, NC

Chemical sensitivities are often acquired after a high dose of devastating exposure to chemicals. This is exactly the situation that developed after the World Trade Center collapse.


Bonnie Giebfried

I can’t be in restaurants because God forbid someone has perfume on. I can go into a fit. I can feel nauseous and throw up. My throat can close up. My eyes will water. My nose will start itching and I will get a drip. People don’t realize that there’s more than just the physical injury, the respiratory injury, the psychological. The multiple chemical sensitivity issues that have come from 9/11 have not been addressed.


Bill Meggs

There’s a significant percentage of people in our population who have a hyper-reactivity to common environmental chemicals, things like cigarette smoke and paint fumes and solvents and cleaning products, ammonia, various irritating chemicals. And the more extreme of these individuals have what we call multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, and these are individuals who are so sensitive to these everyday chemicals they have problems involving multiple organ systems, and in the more extreme cases are actually disabled by their inability to function in ordinary society where every day of our lives we’re exposed to a host of these environmental chemicals.


Joel Kupferman

I’ve been tracking the firefighters post-9/11, and what many, many have told me and that medical reports have showed that they become hypersensitive to other chemicals that are out there. The could be fine for a while, they have, you know, respiratory problems. They’re on 3/4 time, meaning that they’re not on active duty, and boom, they’ll come across perfume or other chemicals out there, even household cleaning chemicals, and they’ll just become immobilized, and some of them just become so sick that they can’t, they basically can’t function on a daily level.


Narrator: Christine Oliver, an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, is the former director of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Christine Oliver

Subtitle: Christine Oliver, M.D.
Harvard Medical School

So it’s very important if you’ve experienced something like the September 11th attacks, very important for New Yorkers to understand, that in order to prevent development of chemical sensitivity, development of multiple chemical sensitivity, worsening of multiple chemical sensitivity, it’s very important that they avoid to the extent possible further exposure to irritant chemicals. So they need to be very careful about how they clean their apartments, what apartment they choose to live in, what kind of renovation work they choose to do on their apartment. All of these things are extremely important.


Rachel Hughes

Subtitle: Rachel Hughes
Lower Manhattan Office Employee

After the 9/11 attacks, I wanted to help, I needed to do something before I could return to work. I needed to be involved helping in some way, and I went to the city and volunteered and went down a few blocks from the Trade Towers, and I volunteered handing out sandwiches to rescue workers who were coming out from the pile.

I returned to work within a couple of weeks after the attacks happened. My office was located about eight blocks north of the Trade Towers, and even at that time the dust was so heavy, there was dust all over our office. We were having to clean it, and I wore a mask to work. I only had surgical masks and what I found at the hardware store, but I wore a mask to work at that time because the air was just, it smelled horrible, it was thick, and it was just, the dust was making it hard to breathe then.


Hugh Kaufman

Well, the public was told after the 9/11 catastrophe to just mop up and clean up with a wet, damp rag their own spaces from all these toxics, which of course is a violation of the rules. The public, after a terrorist attack, where they’re exposed to hazardous materials that can harm them and in some cases be life threatening is not required to clean up their own space with a wet mop and broom, but in fact the government is required to clean it up to protect them.


Rachel Hughes

Within the day after 9/11, I started having flu symptoms, and I had a fever and cough, dry eyes, burning eyes, itching skin, dry skin, the sores. I also just had trouble breathing and sleeping. And after 9/11, after September, October, I continued to work full-time and just had chronic flu-like symptoms, which would let up for a week or two at a time and then return, and I just started going to see doctors, and I had pneumonia and bronchitis and just upper respiratory problems with my throat, sore throat, problems with my voice, and that over the last four years has just continued to reoccur. I also have joint and muscle pain that’s chronic. Since 9/11, I’ve had fatigue that actually prevented me from being able to go to the gym, do yoga, do the normal things that I once did and just walking up a flight of stairs or walking a few blocks–two to four blocks–will exhaust me to the point of needing to rest. I’ve been seeing doctors for my lungs and sinuses at Mount Sinai Hospital, and they’ve done pulmonary tests. I’ve had second and third opinions with pulmonary tests as well that show that my lungs are only functioning at 30 percent capacity.


Stephen Levin, M.D.

What came as something of a surprise to us was the high rates of both upper respiratory and lower respiratory problems that were so persistent among people that we saw in our screening program. We did an analysis of about a ten percent sample of our 12,000 examinees, and among them just about half had symptoms involving their lower respiratory system, their chest–shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough, wheezing–and about another half had upper respiratory symptoms–sinusitis, facial pressure, headaches, stuffy nose, post-nasal drip, the kind of classic symptoms of sinusitis.


Rachel Hughes

I’m very sensitive to chemical smells, even to the point of having to change perfume, not wear perfume or change body lotions or shampoo.

These are some of my paintings that I was working on in 2000 or 2001 before 9/11 and since then I, even though I’ve been home and I’ve been resting, and I’ve only been able to work part-time, I can’t paint right now because I’m too sensitive to the, even the acrylic paint, even water-based paint, I’m too sensitive to it. I’m too sensitive to my markers to use markers for illustration, and drawing. So my painting studio are has turned into a medical billing station.
The apartment building that I live in they keep it very clean, which is wonderful, except for me, when I go into the elevator or the halls, which don’t have a lot of ventilation, the chemicals that they use to clean–ammonia or solvents, whatever it is–I can barely breathe. I actually try to hold my breath going down in the elevator because it affects me so strongly. Gives me a headache and upsets my sinuses.


Alex Sanchez

We have problems with getting into places where there’s lots of chemicals or heavy perfume. Our lungs is not there no more.


Hugh Kaufman

One of the things that we uncovered at EPA doing investigations of releases of hazardous material is large numbers of people where there are releases start to develop what we call chemical sensitivity so we’re seeing health effects to the public around hazardous sites like the World Trade Center a year, two years, three years down the line, where people are now sensitive to chemicals. A little bit of perfume, for example, which would not affect anybody, can make people deathly ill.


Kelly Colangelo

And then about a year ago I noticed that I was becoming very sensitive to certain smells like perfumes, colognes, and cigarette smoke, even outside as well as diesel fuel. I have noticed in the past few months my sensitivity to cigarette smoke, and actually it’s been more than the past few months, it’s probably been over a year now. When I walk down the sidewalk and somebody is smoking it–I could just scream. I just can’t stand the smell anymore. Someone who is wearing too much cologne, I have to get away from them. I hold my breath now when I walk by buses because the diesel smell is too much for me to handle. That’s when I started getting hay fever symptoms again-the runny nose, the headaches.


Stephen Levin, M.D.

Another striking thing is that many of our patients are much more reactive to strong odors than they were before, not always with exactly the same reaction that they’ll experience when they are exposed to cigarette smoke or bus exhaust, but they notice these odors more and find themselves reacting physically unpleasantly to these odors in ways they never did before. I have patients who cannot walk into a department store cosmetic area without experiencing shortness of breath and chest tightness in ways they never did before. I have patients who cannot get on an elevator where someone is wearing strong perfume or cologne without experiencing fairly intense respiratory reactions. We don’t always understand why this is so, but it is extremely commonly reported among our World Trade Center responders and many of our patients say that they are simply unable to wear fragrances themselves or be around other family members, friends, who wear such fragrances because they simply can’t tolerate them.


Suzanne Mattei

Subtitle: Suzanne Mattei
NYC Sierra Club Director

I’m Suzanne Mattei. I’m the New York City executive for the Sierra Club. I work out of the field office of the Sierra Club in New York City, and I’ve had about 20-25 years of experience in environmental law and policy. I did a lot of investigation of Ground Zero pollution issues, how the federal government responded, produced a report that was about 200 pages long, depending on how it’s printed. And I have some experience in analyzing things like incineration and demolition. I’m just one person. The Environmental Protection Agency is an entire body of people that have been studying the products of incineration and controlled incineration and demolition for decades. I had a pretty good idea of what was in that cloud of smoke coming out of those towers, and I think that the EPA did, and in fact I know that the EPA did too. I think they had a very, very good idea of what was in that cloud. They should have known, and I believe did know, that there would be asbestos, lead, cadmium, chromium, a whole range of chemicals that cause cancer and also affect the human immune system and of course the respiratory system.


Stephen Levin, M.D.

Physicians in our country are not trained in occupational medicine. I think there are all of two or three classroom hours devoted in four years of medical school to occupational and environmental illness, so one can hardly blame well-intentioned doctors who are seeing patients who are complaining of respiratory problems from the World Trade Center exposures if the doctors didn’t know how to understand this and evaluate it, and many of our patients told us that they went to doctor after doctor, received course of antibiotics after course of antibiotics, for what was not an infection; it was in fact a chemical burn.


Thomas Michaels

Subtitle: Thomas Michaels
NYPD Detective

And we helped for eight, nine, ten days to try to recover what we thought might be people that were alive.
Well, when I was at the Police Academy in 1988, we had a Hazmat procedure then, you know. They’ve always had Hazmat procedures. Well, how come the procedure was, “Here’s a paper mask and a shovel. Have a good day.” And then they say, well, they gave us the good masks. No, they didn’t give us the good masks. The people that wore the good masks were on the perimeter, all those self-important people, running around nine blocks away with all this stuff on their faces. They look like the super. You know, they had belts for belts, you know, and clipboards for clipboards. I mean, like all this really cool stuff, and I’m sitting up there with my boots, my jacket, my pants, and I’ve got a burn with a paper mask.
I played in a Bronx football league at the age of 41, all right, my fifteen interceptions might have led the league, I think it did, and a year and a half later I can’t walk up a flight of stairs. That’s sad. So I must have just gotten old all of a sudden. I played twenty years of football, and all of a sudden I can’t do anything, I can’t walk down a hill without like stopping and having to breathe.


Narrator: The EPA contains hundreds of dedicated scientists who are career employees, but the head of the EPA is appointed by the White House. The EPA’s own Inspector General issued a report in 2003 that was critical of Christie Todd Whitman’s actions after 9/11, as was Hugh Kaufman, the chief investigator for the EPA’s Ombudsman.

Hugh Kaufman

Within a couple of days after the World Trade Center Towers came down, EPA and particularly the Administrator of EPA, Christie Todd Whitman, went on national television and told the public that the air was safe to breathe and everything was fine, and people were rushed back to lower Manhattan, asked to clean their own spaces, and there was a public health and environmental threat that occurred for many, many months subsequent to the collapse of the World Trade Towers, but as far as EPA was telling the public, everything was safe. So Christie Todd Whitman lied to the public about the safety and that saved among other groups the insurance companies that insured people who live work, go to school down there. It saved those insurance companies billions and billions of dollars.


Narrator: By contrast, the financial position of those whose health was ruined by the toxic clouds is indeed grim.

Rachel Hughes

At this point I’m about $80,000 in debt after selling my home, my car, moving into a smaller apartment, getting rid of my painting studio that I had in Long Island City.


John Sferazo

What I used to make in a day, I have to live on for a week now.


Bonnie Giebfried

I was making sixty grand or better. Now I’m sixty grand in the hole.


Narrator: Professor Marjorie Clark is a national expert in the field of the incineration of potentially hazardous materials.

Marjorie Clarke

Subtitle: Marjorie Clarke, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Hunter College

By the time 9/11 happened, well, I certainly knew that there was something horrendous going on downtown in terms of incineration, obviously, and I knew what was being incinerated because it was household garbage, I mean it was chairs and desks and paper and plastic and metal and glass and everything that you would find in an incinerator was being incinerated there. It wasn’t really being incinerated properly as in a state of the art facility. It was being incinerated, well, it was smoldering at a very low temperature as compared to the state of the art 1800 degrees, which is what you like to have, with proper mixing of the air and so forth. In this case, the air was not getting into the little pockets, and so you were having a really awful conditions, pyrolysis conditions, not true combustion conditions, so as a result, I was thinking, my God, this is a dioxin factory. Everything that was being incinerated there was not being completely combusted, so you were probably getting all kinds of nasty substances coming out.


Jenna Orkin

Subtitle: Jenna Orkin
WTC Environmental Organization

This is Stuyvesant High School. It reopened four weeks after the collapse of the towers, and not only did we have the World Trade Center site four blocks to the south, but we also had right here the barge operation where all the toxic debris was brought before going off to its final resting place on Staten Island.


Stephen Levin, M.D.

And one of the government agencies, NIOSH, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, did a respiratory symptom questionnaire among those high school kids at Stuyvesant and did something comparable with high school kids far removed from Lower Manhattan, and it came as no great surprise that the rate of respiratory symptoms was much higher among the children who came back to school in that high school down in Lower Manhattan.


Jenna Orkin

The Stuyvesant auditorium had been used as a triage center, so the dogs would retreat there, covered in toxic dust, as would the workers, and sit in the soft auditorium seats, which absorbed the toxics. So the summer of ‘02, a group of parents of which I was a member had the carpet tested for asbestos, and we found 2.5 million structures per square centimeter, which experts said was very worrisome and required an abatement. We also had high lead in the ventilation system, and the response of authorities to these events was, “The asbestos will stay in the carpet, the lead will stay in the walls.” End of story, no problem.


Stephen Levin, M.D.

Initially, there’s a strong suspicion that many of us had that this was a decision, this pronouncement about the safety of air quality down there, that was based less on public health and less on monitoring data than on a desire to get Lower Manhattan running economically, get Wall Street going, get the Stock Exchange going. It wasn’t until later that we had confirmation that, lo and behold, this really was a strong influence on the EPA’s announcements because it turned out that the Council on Environmental Quality, the president’s own sub-cabinet-level group in the White House, had influenced what the EPA was going to say. In fact, the EPA had been preparing to issue a cautionary message saying, “We’re not sure what’s going on down there but you ought to be careful because this in fact may be a toxic environment. What the Council on Environmental Quality said to the EPA was “Emphasize reassurance, de-emphasize hazard,” and so the EPA reversed itself.


Suzanne Mattei

Now I don’t care how important the economy is, I don’t sacrifice my one-year-old child’s brain to it. There was lead in that dust. It can cause permanent brain damage, so can mercury. What on earth were they thinking in telling all of these families that they could come back.


Jenna Orkin

In 2002, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation offered grants to people to lure them back in like the Pied Piper. These grants were especially large if you brought in children and signed a lease for two years.


Robert Gulack

Subtitle: Robert Gulack
SEC Attorney

I’m an attorney with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and a union steward. On September 11, 2001, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission offices were located at 7 World Trade, and they were destroyed by fire that afternoon. The Securities and Exchange Commission then leased new space here on Broadway. And our people who had not been exposed, most of them, to World Trade Center contamination on the day of the attacks, they had been evacuated safely without exposure because we were evacuated to the north and the wind was blowing south, came to work at this building. Most of us immediately fell ill. I myself am a particularly dramatic example. Two days after I came to work at this building in fine health, I woke up at night choking with asthma, and ever since then I’ve been sick. Ever since then I’ve suffered from continuous reactive airway disorder, diagnosed by the experts at Mount Sinai, the doctors who have seen 10,000 victims of these attacks. Ever since then I suffer from recurrent attacks of bronchitis. And in the worst situation the bronchitis exacerbated into pneumonia, and I had to be rushed to the hospital with a fever of over 104. This is just an example of what life in southern Manhattan is like because of the total failure of the American government to clean up the contamination left behind when the World Trade Center was destroyed.


Narrator: Large numbers of residences and office buildings in Lower Manhattan remain contam-inated by World Trade Center dust. Toxic dust remains in many heating and air conditioning ducts, recontaminating those units that have been cleaned. In 2003, the EPA appointed a panel of experts to advise it on a plan to clean up buildings in Lower Manhattan. In the fall of 2005, after over a year of wrangling, the EPA dismissed the panel.


Robert Gulack

We’re looking forward not only to the suffering of the 10,000 people who have already been harmed by this, who already have respiratory symptoms and other symptoms but eventually in fifteen years, to a new tidal wave of untreatable, fatal lung cancer, mesothelioma, because that is what this asbestos causes, and we are going to have this epidemic, and the only question is, “How bad is it going to be?” Every year that we delay cleaning up the asbestos means the forthcoming epidemic is that much worse.


Congressman Nadler

So it’s too late to do, any number of people now, how many God knows, are doomed to come down with these terrible diseases because of our negligence up until this point. And you know other people will come down with these terrible diseases because we don’t clean it up now, so we must continue to fight to clean this up in order to save lives. This could go on for thirty, forty, fifty, a hundred years; people can be continuing to breathe this in if we don’t clean it up. And it’s nothing short of criminal negligence, criminal negligence, that we are condemning people to early deaths by not cleaning it up properly.


Aug 6, 2011 – Uploaded by Richard Startzman

Toxic Clouds of 9/11 chemical sensitivity following their exposure to the

Here is a video of my blood. The Doctors and nurses who gathered around the Hospital to watch it were stunned that I could still be alive. Watch it. It ‘scared the hell’ out of me; but listening to the comments of the Doctors and nurses made me wonder how I could still be alive.

Other videos, of my work, at 911, found at amerrescue and amerrescuegmail youtube channels:

One of my latest blogs at http://www.doug

Pancho, Talks About Doug Copp, at 911

Watch the original ( Spanish Language) video and/or read the translation (English), of Efrain (Pancho) Huaman Carrion at: Go Below to watch some of the TV Programs featuring Doug Copp, under the 911 rubble.

Voices of 9.11

Pancho talks about his Boss, ARTI Chief, Doug Copp ordering him to report, for duty, at 911.

After Doug Copp became poisoned from his work, under the rubble, Pancho met with Mayor Guillianni, Governor Pataki and Robert De Niro, on Doug Copp’s behalf.

Doug Copp; while hospitalized and too sick to travel; assigned Pancho to represent ARTI and Doug Copp with these high level meetings and 911 Anniversary Activities with Hilary and President Clinton.

Doug Copp assigned Pancho to meet with Robert De Niro and Hilary and President Clinton.

Doug Copp assigned Pancho to meet with Robert De Niro and Hilary and President Clinton.

September 26, 2002

My name is Efrain Huaman Carrion and I am a volunteer firefighter in Peru. I’m part of the International American Rescue Team. Today’s date is September 26, 2002. Last year, I volunteered at the World Trade Center after the attacks on the Twin Towers.

My boss, Douglas Copp, called me on the telephone. I work in printing in Peru and am a volunteer firefighter but, in my country, you can’t live on this because we do it for free. My boss called me and I wanted to come the first day but there were no flights. I called various agencies and after 6 days, I was able to get a flight coming here from Peru. You had to come by helicopter or other ways because there were no commercial flights.

I’ve worked in different countries in the area of rescue. Under the direction of Douglas Copp, we’ve worked in places such as India, Turkey, El Salvador, Mexico, California and in El Salvador, Peru, and Colombia after earthquakes. My boss has experience with over 987 rescue actions. I haven’t participated in as many, but I have experience as a firefighter.

I volunteered for more than a month and the experience was unimaginable. More than a year later, I still feel so sad inside and often have nightmares. It’s so sad to think that human beings are capable of such destruction. In this world there are people who build and those who destroy but unfortunately this is how life is.

When the attacks happened, I didn’t think twice about coming to help but I couldn’t get a flight. I was finally able to buy a ticket to come help my brother firefighters and police.

In the work that I do, I don’t see religion, skin color or social status. I am moved by my Christian spirit to help those around me. Spiritually and in my heart, I like to help.

What happened to my brothers and sisters here in New York is so unfortunate and I wanted to do whatever I could to help with all my heart. I would compare what I saw and lived through last year to the Biblical Apocalypse. It’s too sad to describe in words. I can only compare it to the Apocalypse. I pray that something like this will never happen again here or in any other country.

One human being is worth more than all of the gold in the world, more than millions of worlds together. A human being is a marvelous thing, God’s creation and I hope nothing like this ever happens again. We have to respect, love and help others and come together.

We should try to spend time with our parents and brothers and sisters. Sometimes we spend time with our friends and neighbors but we forget to spend time with our families and we realize this too late. We take advantage of all the things in our lives. Those who are married and have children, who have brothers and sisters living close by, should give them their affection, time, and love.

And all I have to say to my brother firefighters, police, and civilians, including the President, Mr. Giuliani (the Mayor of NY), and the Governor is that I wish, with all my heart, that God blesses you and gives you the strength to move forward and that this pain is reparable. I know, in my heart, that behind all of this, God is demonstrating his love and strength and that you, our North American friends, sisters and brothers, most of all those in New York, will move forward and that this country will grow five times stronger than it is now.

My wish and my heartfelt thoughts are that God blesses you. I, Efrain Huaman Carrion, Peruvian firefighter, wish this for you.

(In English) I love you New York. I love you people of New York. Thank you very much.

– Translation by Sherry Kane

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