Doug Copp Medical Reports (2,500 pages)

(under construction)


My 911 Story, In 3 Pictures:

911 before

911 during

9111 after

Principal Doctors Treating Copp (of 50+):

#1 Dr Tim Smith summation of Copp 911:

a) Blood Cells

b)Exhibit G#1 Part A

c) Exhibit G#1 Part B

d)Exhibit G2

e) Lab Results Oct 2002 to April 2003

f)Misc Correspondence

g) Part 1 med records pre 911

h)  Part 2 Med records pre 911

i) spinal injury and misc lab tests

j) summary of reports

#2 Dr Ervin Hinds

#3 Dr Garcia

#4 Kaiser Permanente Hospital

#5 Southwest Pulmonary Specialists

#6 University of New Mexico

#7  X-Ray Associates

#8  Dr Friedman

#9 Dr Gerald Ross

#10  Dr Kreuch & Dr Vojdani

#11 Dr Rosenbaum

#12 Dr  Ben Boucher

a) lab reports #1

b) lab reports #2

c)  lab reports #3

f) med correspondence #1

g) med correspondence #2

h) med rep #1

i) med rep #2

j) medical notes

k) medical notes

l) Zadroga wtc

#13 Dr John Hawrylak

#14 Dr Kumar Biswas

#15 Dr Moniuca Carrillo

#16  Dr Snow

#17  Liposuction Toxin Removal Czech Republic

#18 List of Meds and Medical log

#19 Misc Medical Correspondence

#20   VCF Application 2001

a) 2 Supporting Documentation List

b) 3 Tax Returns 2000

c) 4 Tax Return 2001

d) 5 Tax Return 2002

e) 6 Report pf Allen Parkman Economic Loss

f) 7 Southwest Pulmonary Records

g) 8 Dr Robert Friedman Part A

h) 9 Dr Robert Friedman Part B

i) 10 X Ray Associates

j) 11 Dr TRony Kreuch

k) 12 Dr Rosenbaum

l) 13 Dr Timothy Smith Part A

m) 14 Dr Timothy Smith Part B

n) 15 Anathesia Associates

o) 16 Med Bills Spreadsheet

p) 17 Underlying Med Bills Part A

q) 18 Underlying Med Bills Part B

r) 19 Underlying Med Bills Part C

s) 20 Underlying Med Bills Part D

t) 21 1999 Tajikistan European Union Training Sub Contract

u) 22 1999 Major TV World’s Deadliest Earthquakes’ Agreement

v) 23 Casio Watch Promotion Contract

w) 24 1999 Lawsuit settlement for Copp

x) 25 Complaint and Settlement for Copp against Nikken

y) 26 Rita Cosby, Fox News Endorsement for Copp

z) 27 TV Producer + Med Bills Part E

a1) 28 Med Bills Part F

a2) 29 Med Bills Part G

a3) 30 Med Bills Part H

List of Medications:



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