Politicians Putting Corporate profits First and Against 911 Victims Receiving Medical Care.

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The Fealgood Foundation: John, Mike and Ben did superb humanitarian work by pushing Congress to pass the Zadroga Bill. Without this legislation; many more 911 victims , would have died from lack of care or treatment.

Not everyone, was covered. Not all 911 victims, will receive medical care. They will continue to die from lack of treatment. The Republican Congress can be thanked, for this ‘lack of humanity’. As per usual, Republicans represent the interests of the American Aristocracy.

The Aristocracy need to eat and drink, to survive. They use toilets, too. They are human, too.

I ask: ” Can you please , modify the terms of your existence: ‘Maximize  Shareholder Return’: from a predatory, soulless, ‘path to destruction/extinction’. How about being ‘human’? How about limiting profits/shareholder return, to exclude defecating on the people and world we live in?”

A friend of mine asks the rhetorical question: “Is there any limit, to greed?”

I say: Yes. Self Preservation or NOT.

The list of names (contact info, and suggested ways of costing them votes) of Congressional and Senate members; who are against basic medical care, for ALL 911 victims:


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